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5 Must Know Innovative Tips for Small Businesses

1.Partner with other small businesses

 If you’re working with little budget; collaborating with other small businesses whose target market overlaps with yours but not in direct competitor is ideal. For instance, if you a residential real estate agent collaborating with a home inspection agent, a property management company or a commercial real estate agent is ideal. It will be profitable to lean on each other’s audience by running a co-marketing campaign, such as: Co-hosting a webinar. Becoming a guest on each other’s podcasts Splitting the cost of fees to host a pop-up shop the beauty of co-marketing is not only that you support fellow small business owners, but you get to tap into an existing audience for free.

2. Customer feedback

Collect feedback from existing customers is very important and cannot be overemphasized. They’re the people who have seen your existing digital marketing strategy and purchased because of it. Use them as your starting point when developing new small business marketing ideas. anyone Ask your existing customers what they liked about your services or products, how they discovered you, and what triggered them to use your services or buy your products.

3.Enter to win business awards

 Being voted the “best” service or product in your industry is a guaranteed way to build credibility and attract attention. “Awards offer businesses a solid shot of authority, which is one of the keys to successful marketing; you want your audience to know that you offer the best of the best,” Display such award proudly on your website will boost conversions   rate for your product or service.

4.Optimize your website for SEO

Every so often, the most effective online marketing ideas are the simplest. They might take a longer time to come to materialize. However, building the foundation early in the process will definitely set your business up for success. For example, search engine optimization (SEO), the process of optimizing your online presence for google search. You’ll appear in search results when people are actively searching for information for the services you provide or the products you sell. Start by finding the keywords your target audience is searching for,

5.Sell theme-based gift cards Gift cards improve cash flow.

You get the money upfront without immediately needing to pay out fees to produce or ship the product to a customer. Example, Esther, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day Father’s Day etc. For each season, post the information about your gift cards on social media, send email marketing campaigns to subscribers, and add a pop-up on your website to direct visitors to your gift card options

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