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Essential Business Services

Beacon Bookkeeping Services specializes in bookkeeping for small-to-medium sized companies with complex bookkeeping. We serve a variety of business types in Calgary and Southern Alberta. 


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Monthly Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can be very time consuming as it contains the business' day-to-day financial transactions. Beacon Bookkeeping Services will manage your books while you focus on running your business. Your books will be updated monthly. 

Part-Time Comptroller/CFO

We are beyond bookkeepers. Our expertise also lies in full accounting cycle practices; we can be a comptroller and CFO partner for your business on a requested basis.

Catch up Bookkeeping

If you have not found the right bookkeeper for your business, or you are just behind in bookkeeping for several years, no worries! We can help you catch up. 

Software Setup 

As there are few accounting software packages  available on the market, we can analyze which software will be better suited for your business, and help you set up your accounts in the selected software.

Bookkeeping Review

Are you unsure if your books are in order, or are you looking for a second opinion?  Beacon Bookkeeping Services can review and make sure your books are completed properly, providing you peace of mind to make sure you can make informed business decisions.


We can handle your payroll, and we will make sure we get your personal paid correctly and on-time.


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Beyond Essential Services

Beacon Bookkeeping Services specializes in other services that most small-to-medium sized companies require to run without failing to comply with government regulations.  Let us be your partner to help you with every step of your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

WCB Filing

Beacon Bookkeeping Services has a rich and vast range of experience with individuals filing claims to the Worker’s Compensation Board and addressing challenges in filing their taxes. With regulatory and legal requirements constantly changing and updating, we are well-versed in the complications you may face, and we are committed to finding the most viable option. Our bookkeeping experts will ensure your business is properly registered, and if injuries do occur, that they are filed and claimed appropriately and accurately, in accordance with the strictest government rules and regulations.

Cashflow Forecasting

Beacon Bookkeeping Services can provide cashflow forecasting for your business, which involves estimating your future sales and expenses. A cashflow forecast is a vital tool for your business to be successful. It will help you make informed decisions by knowing if you will have enough cash to run the business or expand. It will also show you when more cash is going out of the business than coming in.

Year-End Filing

Year-end is also known as "closing the books". Year-end closing is the process of reviewing, reconciling, and verifying that all financial transactions and aspects of the company ledgers from the past fiscal year add up.

Beacon's bookkeeping expert can help calculate the business expenses, income, revenue, assets, investments, equity, and more.


As we know, account reconciliation is an immensely useful process for individuals and companies since it can search for potential fraud and eliminate mistakes in financial statements. Our bookkeepers assist small businesses with reconciliations to confirm that accounts in the general ledger are consistent, accurate, and complete.  

Budgeted VS Actual

A Budgeted vs Actual Variance Analysis allows business owners to evaluate business performance against business plans, analyze the cause of financial deviations, and inform management for proper decisions.  As a small business owner, our hands are full with many other tasks, and Beacon Bookkeeping services can assist you by provide a Budget Variance Analysis Report. 


Have you been doing your own bookkeeping and are unable to reconcile, or are feeling a little lost?  Beacon Bookkeeping Services can help you organize, cleanup, and get your books in order.


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